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True Blue Valor™ 

True Blue Valor means having the strength of character and integrity to guide, support, encourage and mentor our peers for success.  Encouraging their strength might just save our own lives.  It also means having the courage and strength to intervene, when appropriate, by starting a “courageous conversation” with someone who is struggling.  Minding our own business is not a luxury we can enjoy when our “business” is law enforcement.  If we are willing to risk our lives in the protection and service of our citizens, then we should be willing to have the strength and courage to protect and support our peers.

Consider using our True Blue Valor™ challenge coin to reinforce you personal code of conduct or start a program at your agency to make a larger difference.


Below is the artwork for the True Blue Valor™ challenge coin which measures 1.5” in diameter.

Coin Front Coin Back
TBV-Coin-Front TBV-Coin-Back

 (Coin size is enlarged to show detail.  Actual size is 1.5 inch diameter.) 


The 1.5 inch, brass coin comes in a plastic pouch.  Included inside the coin pouch is a paper insert that contains the True Blue Valor™ Pledge:

On My Honor I Pledge To Uphold The Code of True Blue Valor™:
First I Will Do No Harm.
I Am A Protector, Not a Bully.
I Will Treat My CoWorkers with Respect and Dignity, Because We Are All One Family.
I Will Not Look The Other Way When a Peer is in Crisis.
I Will Offer Support and Encouragement When Needed.
I Will Take Charge and Intervene When Necessary.
I Will Protect and Serve My Country, Community, Family and Peers.
I will Support and Encourage My Brothers and Sisters in Law Enforcement.
I Do All of This Because:
I “Walk My Talk”
and I say, “We Take Care of Our Own” 
and “On My Watch No One Gets Left Behind.”
The True Blue Valor™ challenge coin is $20 plus $5.95 Shipping and Handling plus tax where applicable.  The coin and True Blue Valor™ pledge come in a plastic pouch.  Included with your order is a postcard sized version of The Code of The True Blue Valor™.

For discounted pricing on multiple shipments, please contact us at the address or phone number listed or email us by using the form below.

The Law Enforcement Survival Institute
11757 W. Ken Caryl Avenue, Suite F321
Littleton, CO 80127

Phone: 303-940-0411



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